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Made in the USA since 1965

Major Netting Source

We've been making knotless nylon netting in our Knoxville, Tennessee, plant since 1965. We are a major supplier of Raschel-style netting and net products for thousands of uses. We can easily make custom nets to your specifications, or we can supply bulk netting if you want to fabricate your own product. Our 50 years in the net business has given us invaluable experience. If you aren't sure exactly what you want or need for your end-product, ask us! We can help you with your design and provide invaluable advice and assistance.

All Made In-House

Because we make our own knotless netting in-house, we have many netting styles and mesh sizes in stock-all available for immediate shipment. We supply bulk netting and fabricated net products for commercial fishing, agriculture, schools, industry, sports and many other businesses and agencies.

Loki Nets Sports Fishing Division

We are the only major landing net company in the United States that actually produces its own netting in-house. This enables us to be flexible, creative and quicker to respond to customers' needs.


  • Our Loki Nets division is a landing net industry leader and innovator, with products such as the Monorail™ mesh-guard system, Tangle-Less™, the original rubber-coated knotless nylon net, and TechNet™, a larger-mesh-sized Tangle-Less net.
  • Loki Nets are sold through wholesale distributors and large retailers throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and South America.

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