Bulk Fishing Netting & Specialty Netting

Made in the USA since 1965

Mid-Lakes has been making Raschel-style knotless nylon netting in our Knoxville, Tennessee, plant since 1965. We are a major supplier of netting and net products for thousands of uses. We can easily make custom nets to your specifications, or we can supply bulk netting if you want to fabricate your own product. Our 50 years in the net business has given us invaluable experience. If you aren't sure exactly what you want or need for your end-product, ask us! We can help you with your design and provide invaluable advice and assistance.

All Made In-House

Because we make our own knotless netting in-house, we have many netting styles and mesh sizes in stock—all available for immediate shipment. Click on the netting styles button on the left of this screen for more information about the type of netting we make.


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If you are a manufacturer and need netting for your products, Mid-Lakes wants to be your source! You'll deal directly with the factory to get the best price and service available. Call or E-mail us for a price quote!

Toy Netting

Portable tennis nets are ideal for teaching little kids in any setting.

Toy manufacturers—Mid-Lakes can customize netting for your toys and games. No net is too small or too large. We can supply it in bulk, or cut and sew for you. Here are some examples of toy/game nets we have fabricated for customers:

  • Basketball Nets
  • Ball Return & Kicking Nets
  • Soccer Nets
  • Water Polo Nets
  • Ice Hockey Nets
  • Pee Wee Tennis Nets
  • Street Hockey Nets
  • Portable Tennis Nets
  • Badminton Nets
  • Carnival Games


Mid-Lakes made the netting for the first mesh football jersey years ago! Our lightweight, open-mesh tube knit is perfect for scrimmage vests and jerseys. It is available in most school colors. We can fabricate the scrimmage vests for you or supply bulk netting for vests and jerseys.

Hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities use our knotless nylon netting around beds and cribs to protect patients from falls. Our divider netting is also used for privacy curtains in medical facilities. We can supply the mesh in bulk or fabricate to your specifications.

Bed Netting & Canopy Netting

Specialty Products

Let us be your netting source! All of our knotless nylon netting is made in our factory in Knoxville, Tennessee. This means quick delivery, flexibility and top-notch customer service for you. And speaking of flexibility, here are some more specialty products we've supplied netting for:

  • Baseball Netting
  • Golf Netting
  • Theatrical Nets
  • Hammocks
  • Swimming Pool Covers
  • Decoy Bags
  • Decorating Nets
  • Balloon Release Nets
  • Animal Catching Nets
  • Cow Brassieres
  • Amusement Park/Carnival Nets
  • Camouflage Nets

Tube Netting

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