Additional Netting : Cast Nets, Landing Nets, Insect Nets, etc.

Made in the USA since 1965

Our strong knotless nylon netting is perfect for long-term outdoor use because it won't rot or mildew, and its strength and durability make it an economical, yet intelligent choice. Many zoos, research facilities, agriculture-based companies and utility companies have made us their source for custom and bulk netting. We make everything here in our plant, and can easily customize each order. No matter what the end use, we can provide the netting of your choice in bulk, or we can fabricate it to order.

Cast Nets, Landing Nets, Umbrellas Nets, & Live Bags

Cast Net

These nets are shipped completely assembled with weights and ready to fish. Each net is packaged in a reusable poly storage bag. Constructed of .30 mm monofilament nylon mesh which allows the net to sink fast. Comes complete with thimble, plated swivel, monofilament draw lines and a 20’ braided hand line.

100% Nylon Umbrella Drop Nets

• Available in Ace or Regent mesh

• Two frame sizes

• Variety of mesh sizes

• Individually packed

Thermal Rubber Landing Net

These nets feature tangle-free, thermal rubber netting, one-inch diameter embossed aluminum handles, 1⁄2” aluminum hoops and black foam grips. Available in both sliding and fixed handles. Sliding handle models (SH) have one-piece extruded aluminum yoke assembly.

Floating Live Bag

Our floating live bags are excellent for use around houseboats and docks. Designed for keeping fish or

bait alive.

Butterfly / Insect Nets

Our premium butterfly net has a variety of uses and works equally well for fish, insects, skimming, etc. The BF-1 features a Monorail bow that protects the white micromesh netting. The handle is diamond-embossed aluminum and comes with a foam grip. The BF-4 features a galvanized hoop and aluminum handle. The BF-2 is an economy model with galvanized hoop and small-diameter aluminum handle. All BF nets feature white micromesh netting.

Trellis Netting, Garden Netting

We make bulk netting for companies that fabricate, package and market it for trellis growing. The durable, nylon netting also can be cut to your size specifications. It is perfect for climbing vegetable or floral vines.

Vineyard Nets, Produce Truck Nets

We make nets to cover trees and bushes to protect them from certain types of birds and predators. Our netting is perfect to use for temporary garden fencing. We've covered entire vineyards to protect the grapes from birds.


An international canning company uses our netting to cover its produce trucks, and commercial mushroom growers use our netting to cover trailers of horse manure.


Our nets cover train-loads and truck-loads of vegetables and fruit for transport. Our leaf-collecting nets are used by service companies to bag and transport leaves and yard debris.

Animal Control Netting

Manufacture nets used in the control of bats, birds, cats, etc.

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